“Without enumerating all the schools, workshops and trainings I completed during the 20 years of my career path, I can definitely say that the participation in the Pathways School of Facilitation was one of the best choices I could make.

The needs I came with to the first class were to expand with every single session with new aspects. The professionalism, experience and facilitation skills of the tutors could be compare to the top quality diving equipment. As we dived deeper under the surface of the discussed topics, not only was it getting more and more interesting, but safer as well. Insecurity, tension or doubts were replaced by curiosity and joy with what was around us.

As I believe that a good facilitator is first and foremost self-aware, alert and sensitive to the needs of Others, honest and authentic in the relation between “me” and participants, therefore I may conclude that the participation in the Pathways School of Facilitation reduced the time of my planned development at least by a few years, which I would otherwise have to spend on achieving the key values in facilitation, if I were to do it on my own.

What was achieved exceeded my expectations.”

Iwona Poczobut – founder and project manager in Pracownia Innowacyjnych Rozwiązań 42nd floor. Manager with many years of professional experience and practice i.a. in  Kompania Piwowarska, BZ WBK, Big Star.