International Facilitation Week ’17

International Facilitation Week 2017

Pathways Polska would like to invite you to a non-commercial event promoting such values in the contemporary society as cooperation and collaboration, openness, respect, empathy, mindfulness and diversity – they help lay the foundation for the modern civil society and shape the attitude of mature cooperation rather than rivalry.

The event is addressed to everybody who is interested in self-development and growth as well as expansion of one’s own competences, or to those who are looking for a new challenge or profession  – it will help learn and sometimes also experience something new and is an inspiration to change or to act.

During the International Facilitation Week, we would like to invite you to the following
7 interesting workshops:

  • Me as a facilitator
  • Facilitation Unplugged
  • Open Space Technology. How to work with large groups and whole organisations effectively.
  • Difficult situation while working with a group – facilitation-style solutions.
  • Creative methods in facilitation
  • One of the key meetings in Scrum – Retrospective – various methods of conducting the meeting.
  • Visual approach to facilitation

The presentations will include i.a. case studies showing the facilitation of business and social processes, open and closed workshops showing various tools that facilitators can use in their work (from creative techniques, problem solving, to solving conflicts and facilitating non-violent communication), presentations and discussions; there will also be some time for networking, promoting competences and facilitator’s work ethics

The event will be attended by Polish facilitators focused around the Pathways School of Facilitation.

 Date: 19-20th of October 2017

Place: iLab, Przemysłowa Street 13, Cracow