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“Leaders are facing new challenges. The world expects them to know foreign languages, be able to adapt and willing to relocate. But what is more important, the leaders of tomorrow will have to focus on cooperation, have the ability to foresee and think strategically”.

The first Pathways School of Facilitation in Poland

SCHOOL OF FACILITATION* in cooperation with the employees of the Institute of Applied Psychology at the Jagiellonian University is a course that certifies the graduates to perform the role of a facilitator**, during which we teach practical facilitations skills.

PATHWAYS POLSKA We have operated in Poland since 1997. We are a company of British origin. We create and conduct programmes thanks to which whole organisations grow due to the development of individuals and building effective relationships. From the beginning, we have been faithful to the idea to inspire people and organisations to become accountable for themselves, the business and their own growth.

We support our clients in multidimensional development and deep changes, using the position of an expert in consulting and training solutions.

In our work, apart from the knowledge and skills, we are guided by values that are important and permanent for us – authenticity, involvement and joy of life; we treat all of these as the path to common success.

We specialise in trainings for top management and managerial staff, groups of high potential employees; we work with teams, trying to inspire the attitude of responsibility and internal leadership, building relations, solving conflicts, motivation, which results in increasing the effectiveness of individuals and the whole organisation.

Our programmes are created and conducted by trainers and consultants with many years of experience – in business, in training and in psychology.

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* Facilitation  is a tool used during the search for a solution to a problem through team negotiations, before the parties to the conflict come to a deadlock. It is a set of skills for managing meetings, which may be used by anyone to improve effectiveness.

** A facilitator  supports the team in the process of learning, creative problem solving, decision making, planning, management and leadership.



President, Facilitator,Trainer



Managing Director, Member of the Board, Facilitator, Trainer



 Facilitator, Trainer


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